Our Product

Hydrogen Generator/ Hydrogen Production

Our delivery program offers three production processes for the Generation of Hydrogen:

HC: Steam Reforming
HM: Methanol Reforming
EL: Electrolyzer
All plants are supplied as completely Pre-Assembled Skid-Mounted Units, which are partially dismantled for transportation.
Havayar Hydrogen Generator Packages are designed and equipped for fully Automatic Operation.
Personnel Supervision and Maintenance needed are minimized. Start-up, Operation and Shut-Down of the plant are carried out by push button Operation by a PLC system. The Plants can be supported over large distances via MODEM.

Electrolyzer Systems are available in both Laboratory & Industrial Design with possibility to produce Oxygen & Hydrogen simultaneously.

• Production Flexibility Regarding Flow, Purity & Pressure
• Full Automatic Operation & Remote Control
• Cost Efficiency
• Easy Ins tal lation and Maintenance
• Completely Pre-Fabricated Skids
• After Sales Services for more than 15 Years
• Availability of Spare Parts
• Low Power Consumption
• Optimal Process Cycle Design
• Minimum Delivery Time